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Competitive advantage personnel

A well-trained and dedicated workforce forms the basis of every economic success of a company. The long industrial and technology-oriented tradition in the region of East Brandenburg has meant that motivated professionals were continuously trained and qualified. This allows local and foreign companies to win qualified employees as part of their future growth. Furthermore, workers in Brandenburg show a high mobility. For example, more than 13,000 workers commute every day to Frankfurt (Oder) to work here.

High availability – today and tomorrow

East-Brandenburg is part of the region with the highest density of research in Germany. Within the German capital region Berlin-Brandenburg, 7 universities and 21 universities of applied sciences form more than 170,000 international students to professionals and executives. Additional employment opportunities arise by the free movement of workers between Germany and Poland since May 2011. Working in shift system (365/24/7) is as well a regional standard as the development of flexible working time models for individual part-time employment.

Labour costs and productivity

In comparison of all East German states, the productivity of industrial companies in Brandenburg has increased the most through the past 25 years. This result is driven by a composition of a high rate of modernization of the production facilities in the region as well as the continuous training of employees in the workplace.

At the same time, labor costs for industry workers in East Germany are comparable to Italy, the UK and Canada (2018: average of 27.80 euros per hour worked). In contrast, the average labor costs in the manufacturing industry in West Germany are in a group with Denmark, Belgium and Sweden (2018: 42.90 euros per hour worked).
(Source: German Economic Institute IW)

With an average of 2.4% annually over the last 10 years (2010-2019), the increase of labor costs in Germany is relatively moderately compared to the Eastern European countries (e.g. Czech Republic: +4.0%, Slovakia: +4.3%, Poland: + 4.5%, Hungary: + 5.3%, Bulgaria: + 7.5%, Romania: + 8.2%).
(Source: Germay Trade and Invest GTAI)


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