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Frankfurt (Oder) offers numerous fully developed sites for investments and relocation of industrial companies or trade and logistics companies. The range varies from industrial site just next to the motorway A12/ E30 to areas with direct rail connection at the intermodal terminal Frankfurt (Oder). Attractive conditions, like prices for commercial real estate starting at 15,00 €/m² give small businesses as well as medium-sized and large enterprises the chance to reduce their investment costs. The individual requirements for the construction of new buildings and facilities are clearly defined in the respective development plans and give you security, from the planning to project completion.

Please see below, to get an overview of currently available industrial and commercial properties in Frankfurt (Oder) as well as a selection of currently available office and commercial properties in Frankfurt (Oder), which are offered by the city of Frankfurt (Oder) or private owners.

Industrial and commercial sites in Frankfurt (Oder)

1 | GE: GVZ / freight village Frankfurter Tor Nord-Ost | ca. 10.8 ha | from 20.00 €/m²
The commercial area GVZ / freight village Frankfurter Tor Nord-Ost is located just north of the motorway A 12/ E 30 and directly at the federal highway B 112. The motorway junction Frankfurt (Oder) West can be reached within 0.6 km. The offered land plots are on good view from the motorway.

Further information: GVZ / freight village Frankfurter Tor Nord-Ost!

2 | GI: Industrial area at the A12 | ca. 46 ha
The industrial area at the A12 is located south of the motorway A12 / E30. Due to its geographical position the area is suitable especially for large scale industrial projects. The minimum plot size to be sold is 10 ha.

Further information: Industrial area at the A12!

3 | GI/Ge: Technologie- und Gewerbecenter Frankfurt (Oder) | ca. 14.2 ha | from 20.00 €/m²
The industrial and commercial area TeGeCe is located south of the motorway A12/ E30 and directly located at the federal highway B 87. The area was home of the former semi-conductor plant in Frankfurt (Oder). Besides the free land plots there are also various commercial and production properties ready for occupation.

Further information: Industrial area: TeGeCe Frankfurt (Oder)!

4 | GE: Commercial and industrial area | ca. 9 ha | from 15.00 €/m²
The 45 ha commercial area is located in the south of the city directly at the federal highway B 87 and is linked with the motorway A12/ E30 via the federal highway B 112. The next motorway junction Frankfurt (Oder) West is just 1.5 km away. The total available plot size is currently 24.6 ha.

Further information: Commercial and industrial area Markendorf!

5 | GE: Commercial area Technologiepark Ostbrandenburg | ca. 4,5 ha | from 20.00 €/m²
The commercial area Technologiepark Ostbrandenburg is located directly at the federal highway B 87 and south of the motorway A12/ E30. The next motorway junction Frankfurt (Oder) West can be reached in 2.5 km. The location is a prime address especially for technology-oriented and innovative companies. There are currently 4 ha available of the altogether 11 ha big area. Besides the IHP – Leibniz institute for high performance microelectronics there are several innovative companies on site. In the Business & Innovation Centre (BIC) innovative companies and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the comprehensive services as well as of the office and workshop facilities with modern communication technology.

Further information: Commercial area Technologiepark Ostbrandenburg!

6 | GE: Commercial area intermodal terminal/ Georg-Richter-Straße | ca. 7 ha
The commercial area Georg-Richter-Straße is located north of the motorway A12/ E30 close to the federal highway B 112. The motorway junction Frankfurt (Oder) West is about 5 km away. Part of the commercial area is the public container terminal for combined transport road to rail in Frankfurt (Oder). The terminal offers companies from Berlin and Brandenburg as well as from Poland a fast intermodal connection to the oversea ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven or Rotterdam. The handling area is full train length and comprises 600 m x 40 m.

Further information: Intermodal terminal Frankfurt (Oder)/ Georg-Richter-Straße!

Selection: Office and commercial properties in Frankfurt (Oder)

A | Logistics hall TeGeCe | ca. 6.300 m²
This cold steel-constructed hall with a clear height of ca. 7 m is located in the city owned technology and commercial park TeGeCe Frankfurt (Oder). Small heatable office and sanitary facilities are available on site. Offices can be rented in the adjacent building if needed. The partial rental of parts of the hall is possible.

Further information: Logistics hall TeGeCe!

B | Office building Oderturm in city center | ca. 6.000 m²
With a height of about 90 m and 511 stair treads, the Oderturm is the highest office building in the State of Brandenburg and a landmark of the city of Frankfurt (Oder). The 25 floors offer attractive office space in the center of the city. The tower is linked to the shopping mall Lenné Passagen via a glazed skywalk.

Further information:  Office building Oderturm in city center!

C | Office building | ca. 400 m²
Modern forms of work need variable office space that adapts to the user, his teams and projects. Whether cell office, open or multi-space, a classic office unit or a service office with plug-in infrastructure, the building in the Ostbrandenburg Technology Park in Frankfurt (Oder) offers this flexibility. Companies and start-ups can rent office space in full flexibility – alone, in pairs, in a team or for the whole company, furnished or unfurnished.

Further information: Office building


We are glad to advise you on an up-to-the-minute base of currently available industrial sites, offices and commercial properties in Frankfurt (Oder). Please get in touch with us!

All information provided in relation with the offered properties is based on information which has been transmitted to us by the owner of the respective property or its representatives and complemented with public or estimated information. We assume no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of this information.

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