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According to the new EU coordinating framework “Joint Task for the Improvement of Regional Economic Structures”, which is in force since January 1st 2022, Frankfurt (Oder) is classified as so called “predefined C regions” until 12/31/2027. Due to its geographical location, companies will also profit from an additional surcharge of 10% on the investment promotion in contrast to other predefined C Regions in the State of Brandenburg. This means: Companies are able to apply for the highest investment incentives possible in Germany if they vote for an investment in Frankfurt (Oder).

Investment grants of up to 45%

The amount of investment grants is mainly depending on the number of new jobs created, the total investment volume, and the size of the company planning to invest in the region. According to a case by case variation, the following maximum grants are possible: 25% for large companies, 35% for medium-sized companies and 45% for small companies.

All investment costs are eligible, except for the following

  • Investment costs above 0.75 million euros for each job created
  • Immaterial assets above 50% of the eligible investment costs
  • Vehicles with MOT approval, replacement acquisitions, VAT/financing costs, second-hand assets, internal labour and services, purchase of real estate, assets purchased before getting  confirmation of application receipt

Additional financial support instruments for investments in the region:

  • Loans and Guarantees, such as:
    • Brandenburg loan for SME, Brandenburg loan Formation, ProFIT (R&D), Brandenburg Guarantee Innovative
  • Grants, such as: 
    • Investment grant (GRW), ProFIT (R&D), Conultancy subsidies for market development for SME, Advanced vocational training, Innovative company formation
  • Equity financing, such as:
    •  Early stage fund Brandenburg, Growth fund Brandenburg, Brandenburg loan Mezzanine
  • Employment market policy aids:
    • Wage costs subsidies, training and qualification measures, personnel recruitment and preliminary selection


We are glad to advise you comprehensive and personalised on the subject of investment promotion for your project. Please contact us or use our subsidy calculator to get an initial overview of the existing possibilities!

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