Eisenhüttenstadt chosen bei Geo Saison as top destination for 2023


Eisenhüttenstadt, January 2023:

Eisenhüttenstadt was chosen by the travel magazine “Geo Saison – Travelling the World” in the January issue of this year as one of the 23 recommended cities for visiting in 2023. The other travel recommendations of the year include cities such as Hamburg, Brussels, Oslo, London, Paris or Madrid.

In their article on the “largest area monument in Germany,” the authors refer above all to the inspiring socialist architecture with which the planned city was designed by the GDR government to complement the steel mill that had just been built.

The article also highlights the “Utopia and Everyday Life Museum” on everyday GDR culture (external link: www.utopieundalltag.de ) and the possibility of booking legendary city tours in an original Trabbit hrough the city, which was founded in 1951 (external link: www.tor-ehst.de).

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