Log Plaza Frankfurt (Oder): Hall roof of Hall A is closed


Frankfurt (Oder), October 28th 2021:

Almost 6 months after the start of construction work for the first phase (= Hall A) of the Log Plaza Frankfurt (Oder), the work on the outside of the hall is almost complete. The roof is completely closed on all four parts of the approximately 41,000 sqm property. The cladding of the facade of all parts of the hall, including all window installations, has been completed and all 48 gates have been installed. The floor slabs are cast in all parts of the hall. At the same time, the necessary concrete work will also be carried out in the outdoor area at short notice in order to complete this in good time before the frost period. This applies, for example, to the loading yards outside the hall visible in the picture. The complex, which was built by the general contractor Goldbeck on behalf of the project developer Alcaro Invest GmbH, is on schedule. The further planning envisages that further external work should be carried out on the site before the turn of the year. The full completion of the first 24/7 usable construction phase with a hall height of 12 m UKB and a floor load of 7.5 t/m² is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

Further information is available online at: www.alcaro.de (external link!).

Image 1: The first construction phase of the Log Plaza Frankfurt (Oder) from the air (Source: Investor Center Ostbrandenburg GmbH).

ALCARO Invest GmbH – www.alcaro.de
Alcaro – a real estate project development company located in Rösrath, Germany has an experience in financing, planning, construction and rental of industrial, logistics and office properties throughout Germany for more than ten years. Since 2009, Alcaro has sustainably revitalized or redeveloped a total of almost 300,000 square meters of flexible buildings for production companies, among others from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and electric motors sectors. More than 330,000 square meters of usable space are currently in the pipeline. In 2014 Alcaro launched it’s “Log Plaza Concept”, which stands for sustainable, high-quality office and logistics properties. Alcaro’s trend-setting new buildings include Log Plaza Brandenburg 1 and 2, Log Plaza Colonia 1 and Log Plaza Kerpen. Alcaro Invest GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of OSMAB Holding AG.

OSMAB Holding AG – www.osmab.de
OSMAB Holding AG (Rösrath) acts throughout Germany as an investor, project developer, asset manager and portfolio holder with a focus on office and logistics properties. Other business areas include the development of building land, facility management of the company’s own real estate portfolio and investments in renewable energies. The medium-sized group of companies, which has been active in the real estate sector since 1992, employs a very experienced team of around 50 employees. As part of its sustainability strategy, OSMAB has been developing brownfield sites for more than ten years, revitalizing existing properties, generating solar power on the roofs of its properties and supporting a large number of social projects.

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