Frankfurt Oder, 08.11.2021:

The B&O Group is investing in a new production site in Frankfurt (Oder) and is building a brand new wood competence center for CO2-neutral construction and renovation with B&O Holzbau GmbH. The new production facility is scheduled to start operations in three stages from January 2022. By the end of next year, more than 40 new, qualified jobs will be created in this way. In the future, wooden wall elements for multi-storey apartment construction will be produced in the Oderstadt, a constantly growing market with the aim of being able to meet the increasing demands for sustainable, energy-efficient and at the same time economically viable apartment construction.

The motivation for the B&O Group to invest in deepening its own value chain is in particular the increase in planning security and the avoidance of dependencies and unforeseeable delays during project implementation. The company has correspondingly high demands on its own industrial/automated production in order to provide its customers with constant quality with an efficient production cost structure. Accuracy in the millimeter range can be achieved in the new production plant. At the same time, standardization and prefabrication make it possible to save both time and noise during construction at the destination.

Frankfurt’s Lord Mayor René Wilke sees the establishment of B&O as an irreversible trend to combine the ecology and economy of future residential construction: “The investment by B&O in Frankfurt (Oder) creates new jobs in a growing industry. We are particularly enthusiastic about the fact that climate protection and energy efficiency are of great importance in the product range of this company. I would be happy if we could soon realize corresponding reference projects in our city. The settlement of successful medium-sized companies in the manufacturing sector, which with a high level of competence also have a lasting impact on the local job market, corresponds to our strategy for the economic strengthening of the city. We therefore extend a particularly warm welcome to B&O.”

During the entire settlement phase, B&O worked closely with the local business development company Investor Center Ostbrandenburg (ICOB), the city administration and other stakeholders from the city and state of Brandenburg. Christopher Nüßlein, Managing Director at ICOB, is optimistic that B&O’s planned wood competence center in Frankfurt (Oder) will radiate beyond the city limits: “B&O is creating a location here that combines both current and future developments in wooden floor apartment construction under one roof. We are proud that we were able to assert ourselves in the location competition and that B&O is realizing this expansion step in Frankfurt (Oder).”

Peter Münn, Managing Director at B&O Holzbau GmbH, praises the commitment and support the company received during its settlement: “We are extremely excited about this expansion within the B&O Group. In timber construction, we combine many years of experience and expertise in the construction industry with a passion for our raw material. We would like to thank everyone who has already supported us up to this point and look forward to new, committed employees so that we can build something great and new together in the region.”

The B&O building complex currently consists of two production halls and an administration wing integrated into Hall 1. In addition, further plots of land have already been acquired in the immediate vicinity in order to build on them with further production halls and an open space storage area. The planned investment volume is around 25 million euros. Around 40 full-time jobs will initially be created at the new location. That’s why B&O is now looking for qualified and motivated employees: from warehouse clerks to craftsmen from various trades and specialist areas to construction planners.

Further information on the available job offers is available online at:
https://www.bo-gruppe.de/karriere/holzbau/ (external link!)

Image 1: Frankfurt’s Lord Mayor René Wilke, Peter Münn, Managing Partner at B&O and Uwe Dohrn, Managing Director of B&O Holzbau GmbH in conversation about the planned investments of B&O (Source: City of Frankfurt (Oder) / Uwe Meier)

Image 2: Uwe Dohrn (from left to right), Managing Director of B&O Holzbau GmbH, Christopher Nüßlein, Managing Director of Investor Center Ostbrandenburg GmbH and Peter Münn, Managing Partner at B&O in front of the company’s wooden walls that have already been manufactured for the apartment building (Source: MOZ / Thomas Gutke)

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